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Barrie-James | Strange Desire Vinyl


On 5 November 2021 Singer/songwriter Barrie-James released his third album ‘Strange Desire’ on all digital platforms, CD and Vinyl through Vacancy Records. This album see’s Barrie-James take on a new light with an Alternative Country vibe. ‘Strange Desire’ will also feature the stunning track ‘Riverside’ which features Lana Del Rey.

The album also features Ashley Campbell, daughter of late great Glen Campbell on the track ‘Country 33’, which is steeped in the spirit of Johnny Cash and June Carter. The album will be preceded by the first single ‘Angry Man’ on 8 October with Pre-order for the album also Available.

Of the ‘Strange Desire’ album, Barrie-James says himself: “I hope to bring a melodic n meloncholic joy feeling to this 3rd album. And a style of simplicity type sound to my fans, and future fans. The words and music are all inspired by feelings of lust love and fear n hope. Universal type emotions. Vacancy and myself’s plan is to take this music worldwide. And to bring a different style and mood to the world of Country music”.

‘Strange Desire’ Tracklisting
Side A
1.Angry Man / 2.Country 33 feat. Ashley Campbell / 3.Solid Rose / 4.Pretending Not To Breathe / 5.Emerald Girl / 6.Bad Girl

Side B
/ 7.Strange Desire / 8.Open to Magic / 9.Anything / 10.That’s Alright / 11.Lady Alone / 12. Riverside feat Lana Del Rey